Friday, January 30, 2009

Great month !!!!

Well as of today 1/30, I have run 272 miles this month and ran 5 races from 5k to 25k.The races have all been difficult with the weather and trail conditions.The weight is starting to come off and I'm feeling really good.Today I registered for the Leadville 100 mile trail run and hope to put to rest the Dnf from 2007 at 72 miles.I have also registered for some 50k races and will be running the Mohican 100 in June. I have planned a total of seven ultras this year and five of those will be 50k's along with the two 10o milers.This is about half of what I ran in 2007,I started 17 and ran a 210 mile multi day.I think if I run the 50k's as training run's and race the 100's I will do just fine.I'm really excited to be back and look forward to seeing friends out on the trails.

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Anonymous said...

I guess we're camping in Colorado this summer Huh? See you at Leadville. How soon before will you be going up? We'll be staying at the Hostel with a friend. I'll be pacing him there. We need to hang out though. Get the wives together. That is if she's coming. Then maybe we can start planning some running adventures.