Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So far so good

Well its march 25Th and the weather still sucks here in Michigan. I caught some kind of bug after running 22 miles two weeks ago but seem to be back to my old self now. I have been able to put in 67 miles since Friday and look forward to a good week.The MNP race is a little over two weeks away and I have not ran a race this year,you better bet against the fat man, I think not! I'm looking at starting slow and adding another sub 24 hour to my 100 mile list of finishes. I have also been checking out other web sites and blogs and can't believe how many people are offering coaching services and running advice. I think its cool that the sport is excelling and moving ahead and that in the near future some of the young studs might just make alittle money. I myself am not very coach able and like to run how I feel ,and I log my miles on a calender.I love the social aspect of the races and the people I have met in the last four years. I thank the good lord fore giving me the opportunity to return to running after hanging my running shoes up for ten years. I look back at those early years and don't think think I would change a thing. Running has always come easy to me and I know I can run 100 mile races well ,on 50 miles a week but the real challenge in my life right now is finishing school. I think that this is the race that has been the hardest for me to finish and I can see the finish line and think I WILL FINALLY MAKE IT!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on sticking with the school thing brother. Maybe oneday I'll go back myself. 3 Days was a bust this year. The leg injury kept me out of contention. I ran almost 38 minutes faster on the first day than what we ran last year and it was only good for 6TH place. Matt Hart is a freak of nature and can run with Jurek or Meltzer anyday if he chose to focus strictly on Ultras. Talking to him after the first stage he said he thought he could go sub four. The 50km had 8,000 ft of gain this year. Once again it was also long at around 32.8 by one guys Garmin. So it could have been longer if its not accurate with all the switchbacks. On any other course I feel I could've gone sub four or close to that day with my effort. Harts effort probably would have got him a sub 3:30. Ty Dranney was also tough as well as Ashley's husband Joshua. I wish I was healthy. It would have been cool to mix it up with them for more than 11 miles on the first day.
Glad to hear your running is getting going again. Just take it easy like you said at McNaughton and have a good run brother. Hope the family is doing great and staying healthy. Take care and we'll talk to you later.

sherpajohn said...

You have TWO choices..

1.) You Can't


2.) You Won't

When you hit a tough spot at MNP.. ask yourself what the answer is that is going to make you NOT finish the damn race. Is it that you can't or that you simply won't.

You all ready know the answer. No excuses, one foot in front of the other for however long it takes. FINISH THE DAMN RACE!

And then help pace me in the 150. ;)