Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Is the weather ever going to break or what!I have just about had it with running on the treadmill.I did get the chance to run on the rail trail with my little buddy on Sunday and that rocked out loud.I'm on spring break right now from Mid Michigan Community College but I'm also enrolled in the accelerated bachelor's program at Ashford University(online).I will be really glad when May comes and I only have one class at a time. I should graduate in September of 2009 with a degree in social science.All these classes have taken away some of that training time that I'm used to.I'm hoping to get two 25 mile runs in before MNP 100 and a few 15 milers.I'm not really worried about how the first 100 of the year goes,I just want to be out there enjoying what the trail has to offer(mud and blisters!).Well I'm going to put a few cold ones away(carbs) and I'm going to try to get a couple of hours in on the trails tomorrow.Later

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Anonymous said...

You'll be back at it in no time brother. Just be ready to roll at Kettle. Only about three short months away. Take care and don't do too much cold carb loading.