Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good running

Yesterday I put in 20 miles on the Mid-to-mac trail,I got a late start and ended up running the the bulk of the miles in the dark.This was my longest run since October!I have not ran a ultra since than and my legs as well as my mind feel crisp.I also have removed last years post from my blog because that was last year and my new goals have been set and I'm not one for living in the past.Having some time off has giving me a chance to reflect on the first 3 years of my ultra career I have finished 51 races in that time and meet many awesome individuals.I'm also thankful for the two seasons I had a chance to be a part of the Montrail Regional Team and wish the remaining runners on the team the best.I'm also very thankful to all the help that Bill at Runner's has giving me over the years and I'm looking forward to showing up at races in his gear.Well happy trails everyone and good luck in your training.

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