Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cold,Ice And Wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! what a difference 24 hours makes,yesterday it was almost fifty degrees outside and today its about seven.I thinking its a good day to run on the treadmill.I just can wait for the warm weather and the fresh smells of spring to arrive.I had to give a presentation last night in my humanities class on culture as far as i now it went well that's kind of a hard topic to cover because culture falls into so many areas.Well friends stay warm and talk to ya later.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your doing alright. Staying warm and all that stuff. The last couple of weeks down here have been like the last couple of days you described. We'll have four or five days in the 10's to 20's then we'll have a couple in a row that makes it feel like spring out. Last weekend it was 59 one day then 8 the next. Winter sucks. Lets move the wives and kids to Arizona and say screw this crap.
Oh by the way. I picked up Salomon this year as a sponsor. I guess they liked our proposal we submitted and thought it was a good idea to sponsor a team made up of runners from the heartland.
Have you decided if your camping or not at Kettle yet? Take care brother and we'll see you soon.