Saturday, August 16, 2008

What a summer.

Well we are starting are transition back to our home from our cabin.I can't really explain how well I feel (except for the added weight)about my time off from running.We have been staying at our cabin since May 20Th and it has been great waking up everyday and fishing and spending time with the family.We bought a boat and have been fishing almost every day.I have been running and hiking on and off.I was going to return to racing this month but have decided not too.I have to say it feels good to be out of shape for the first time in four years.I know that the ultras I ran last year kicked my ass and that my body is finally starting to feel normal again.I'm not sorry I ran all the races I did and I'm sure I will be back,but for now I'm going to just take it easy and do some long hiking.I'm leaving Tuesday for a five day hike on the Midland to Mackinaw trail. As for when I will run and ultra again time will tell.Later friends

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Anonymous said...

When is enough really enough. Why does it seem like we have to continually justify what we do today based on what we used to be? You used running to get to where you are and who you've become as a person. From what I see you're one hell of a guy,father and husband. No doubt last year took a lot out of you as it did me. you have nothing to prove to anyone brother. Spend your time with your family and enjoy being out of shape. I'm almost there myself. I just have to tie up a few loose ends and unanswered quetions. As soon as that's done save me a spot on that boat. Take care man and we'll talk to you later.