Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life is good

Hey all, sorry I have not posted much lately.We have been staying at our cabin and putting in a hardwood floor.I started running around six miles a day again and I'm happy to report I'm out of shape!I also have been spending time fishing and hiking with the family.I passed on the Kettle race because,I was really not ready to try to race yet.

As for what the future holds for running this summer,I have planned another long multi day run.On July 31,I'm going to run from St.Ignace, Michigan to Munising, Michigan on the North Country Trail(240 Miles).This should be a very nice journey,running by waterfalls as well as Lake Superior.I would welcome some people to run with me or help my crew.After that adventure I plane on running the Haliburton 100 In September. Well thats all I have for right now ,Later

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